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Belgian Malinois Head Shot

Belgian Malinois - Not a GSD

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June 2008:
We're upgrading. This site will of course always be here and I will continue to update it, but we're taking steps towards a dream. To that end, we have launched Wiggly Buttz ( and hope you check it out. It will include links to this site for all the lost pet tips and other information we keep here, but the purpose of the site is an offshoot of this one -- Jocko running away really reminded me how much our pets give to us, more than we could ever give back. So I want to make sure that owners always have resources to pamper and coddle their pets, so we can treat them with love and affection and caring the way they care for us. Please check out Wiggly Buttz, and there's a lot more neat stuff there. If you have any tips or suggestions, we always welcome them.

March 2008:
Well, Jocko's turning 8 next month, and he's still a lovey, mouthy handful, cuddly as ever and vocal about his desire for attention. Here is is demanding attention while Tanya shows off and Omar roams around.

August 2006:
ABMC (American Belgian Malinois Club) is also involved in Malinois Rescue, and always has rescue Malinois looking for forever and foster homes. ABMC is not a shelter, and can only place dogs in foster or forever homes. They cannot rescue a dog from a shelter unless there is a place for the dog to go. Even if it means a dog will run out of time. Please open your home and your heart to a dog in need.

August 1, 2006:
It's so hard to believe that it's been a year already!! One year ago today (to the day, to the date would be tomorrow, 8/1) I spent the day in a bit of a sad fog. A decision and turning point I had given myself had come and gone, and a promise I made to myself was now coming due ... I had to let go. It was a quiet day.

I came home and did my usual rounds of playing with the doggies, and then sat down to aimlessly stare at the computer and TV. I checked into the boards to see what was up, but paid little attention to what I read. I had no attention span to do the freelance work I had, so I just vegged a little.

At around 7ish, the phone rang. That phone call changed my whole world around. It was THE call. THE call I had been waiting for for 173 days. It started out ... uh, I was just wondering if you had found your dog yet.

Information was passed along, calls were made to verify and double check info, and then plans to meet up were met. I went off with my Dad to the designated meeting place, and sat there in the car and shook the whole time I waited for them to arrive. They pulled up and in the dark, through the window, I could see that black pointy nose. A split second is all it took for him to recognize me. He was back in my arms after all that time.

So thank you all for all your support and efforts!!

June 2006:
Babeesh has a forever home. A family who had initially decided to foster her instantly fell in love with her and has decided to adopt her!! She has that impact on people. Babeesh is a very sweet and special girl, and people who have met her and heard of her are just soooo happy that she now has a home of her very own! Thank you very much for following her story.

On another note, Jocko's Story is included in the breed article for the Belgian Malinois in the June 2006 AKC Gazette.

March 2006:
This month I found out that Babeesh, a rescue Mal Gal was ready for her forever home. I met this girl when we pulled her from the local shelter. She's an amazing girl who is full of energy and drive. Please help us find her a wonderful forever home. She's got a whole lotta love to give!!

I've also added the links to information about Vivi, the Whippet who was at Westmister and got loose at the airport on the way home. If you're in the area or can help, or just want to know the latest, click to her website to stay updated. 

February 2006:
I've updated the site with new links and added a great funny survey to determine if a Malinois is right for you. I've also set up a store focusing on products that will allow you to have more fun with your dog!!

January 2006:
When I learned of a lost dog, I immediately made Jocko's files available for her to customize to help bring her dog home. I also pulled all the tips, articles and suggestions others offered me and to others in need together and posted them on the Lost Pets Tips section. I do hope that this helps Jinks come home, and that it brings others home, too.

October 2005:
I realize I haven't updated this recently, but I'm going to do better. Each time I look into Jocko's eyes I remember the reason this site exists, and that there are others out there who are going through the pain and sorrow and desperation that we did while he was missing. I have begun updating the pages here, and will continue as the days go on. 

So far I've updated the rescue malinois stories, the top tabs, added an about us section that gives some background on the story. I've also added a news section and links

I will be coordinating the resources that I used in helping to find Jocko, and will give more information and useable templates for those who find themselves in need. I'll also be adding tips, suggestions and links shortly.

Please check back regularly. Thanks for all your support and kind wishes.

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Belgian Malinois Head Shot 

Belgian Malinois - Not a GSD 

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