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Belgian Malinois Head Shot

Belgian Malinois - Not a GSD


Here are all types of files that you can use to customize for posters and printables to help find your lost pet. 

You can see the jpg files of most of these, as thumbnails and larger versions, by clicking here: printables

  • HTML Files

  • DOC Files

    • flyer.doc - this was the ad that I did after he was gone for a while, and it really targeted not the people who were caring for him, but more for the people who might come in contact with him. I realized at this point that those who were taking care of him probably didn't realize he was a lost dog and wouldn't be looking to find his owners -- they probably found him as a stray or a rescue and never realized we were searching desperately for him. It worked, it's the one that got him home. The images included are greyscale so they can print on black and white laser jet printers or in black and white. They print 2 to a page.

    • jockocards.doc - these are full color templated cards that can print on inkjets or laser printers, using standard business card preset papers, or even on regular paper -- I used glossy and then cut them. It allows you to print many more to hand out to many more people, and it's easier for folks to keep the pictures with them.

  • PSD Files (layered Photoshop files) - to save these right click the links and click save as.

    • jocko.psd - multiple shots with contact info

    • lost_jocko.psd - letter size poster - suitable for viewing from a distance - can be enlarged to be poster sized

    • lost_jocko_businesscardsize.psd - business card size version of the poster above

    • story_ad_jocko2.psd - the story ad that would grab at people to read. Can also be seen above in html format.

    • story_ad_jocko2_print4.psd - same as above, just smaller so 4 will print per page. I printed these on glossy paper.

    • 4 shot postcards.psd - smaller printables with 4 overlapping pictures and contact info.

  • JPG files - these are versions of the above links, but you can see the samples on this page - printables.

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Help support this site. These designs are available on a number of items. 
Please click for more information

Belgian Malinois Head Shot 

Belgian Malinois - Not a GSD 

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