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Babeesh - She Had Found a Home!!

06/10/06 - UPDATE: Here is Babeesh's story, as we had posted while searching for a new home for her:

I first met Babeesh just before Christmas last year. I went to the Lehigh County SPCA with my son and another person from the ABMC Rescue group to check her out, as we had heard that there was a Malinois in the shelter. We INSTANTLY fell in love with her. 

She was very friendly, and so well mannered. The folks at the shelter had taken great care of her, but due to her high energy level, they were unable to get weight on her. She looked painfully thin, but even so, showed no signs of aggression or pushiness when taking good. She's very much a lady. 

We "sprung" her the first moment we could, after the holidays, because most shelters do not allow adoptions over the holiday. We took her home for an overnight before her foster family could pick her up. In that short period of time we fell even more in love with her. She's so kind, sweet, well behaved and gentle. 

Babeesh is a tall girl, and while she's put on weight, is still skinny. Her foster family has been amazing with and for her. She's gone to more training classes and become even more of a wonderful girl!! 

Unfortunately, as too often happens, unexpected events have forced her family to make a difficult choice, and they can no longer continue to foster her. It's not at all related to her, and they are sad that they cannot continue to care for her and work with her, and have her be a part of their lives. 

Babeesh needs a forever home, or if available, a foster home until a new forever home is available. She's been living in a home with other dogs and has done fairly well, but with any home that has an existing pet, it's important to ensure that the dogs get along before making any commitments. She does best with non-dominant dogs (as she is a female Malinois, and you know they NEED their space and respect). 

Babeesh is a high drive Malinois. That may sound redundant, but in her case, it's not. She's VERY high drive, and needs a job. She would do best in a home that would work with her in agility, rally, etc. And she will most definitely repay you with loyalty, love and devotion.  

She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on shots. She is good with some kids (she was fine with my 5 year old son) but due to her size and energy level, might be over powering for younger kids. She's best as an only dog, but could share a home with another, preferably a neutered male. Small dogs and cats would have to be off limits, as they're kibble-sized, hee hee.

Help support this site. These designs are available on a number of items. 
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Belgian Malinois Head Shot 

Belgian Malinois - Not a GSD 

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