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Help Support this site by purchasing one of our great Belgian Malinois Designs on many many products. Here are some of the designs. All designs are available on shirts, sweats, bags, mugs, onesies, clocks and more!!

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This is one of the most popular designs!! Tanya's giving her perfect Malinois Smile here, but to the less informed, she looks a little scary.

Give Blood, Tease a Malinois!

What kind of dog? A Belgium Mallomar??? No, these dogs are NOT cookies. And Tanya's here to tell you just that!

Do I LOOK like a cookie?!?

To further explain the type of dog ... This is a Mallomar, THESE are Malinois. Tanya, Jocko and Omar posing properly for their close up.

Mallomar, Malinois, Any Questions

Belgian Malinois Head Shot A lovely headshot of a working line Belgian Malinois. Tanya posed for this photo, which I then digitally modified into a silhouette.

Malinois Head Shot

Belgian Malinois Head Shot
Belgian Malinois - Not a GSD How many times have your furkids been mistaken for a German Shepherd? Once and for all, Jocko yells out to make it clear!!

I am NOT a German Shepherd!!

Belgian Malinois - Not a GSD
Do you typically go to work or out in public with paw prints on your back, butt or ... how is it that mud ends up soooo stragetically placed? Now embrace the look into a fashion statement. Show the world you're ....

Belgian Approved

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