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Belgian Malinois Head Shot

Belgian Malinois - Not a GSD

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Is a Malinois for You?

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Here's a fun survey to see if a Malinois is right for you. This comes from Shannon on Planet Belgian (our name for the Belgian forums on SitStay. There is one for the Malinois and one for Belgian Shepherds of all varieties. I encourage all interested in Belgians to visit these two!!)

This survey will help you see if you have the personality suited for a Malinois.

1. Does a dog bouncing around like Tigger and sometimes making contact with your chin at speeds of 100 miles an hour
a. terrify you
b. make you laugh
c. make you cry and laugh at the same time
2. Training a dog should be
a. Fun, fun, fun for everyone involved
b. Strict and to the letter, training is a serious job -- particularly with a crazy dog like a Malinois
c. a once in awhile thing
d. daily and in small doses but fun, fun, fun
Dogs doing laps in my house while using the house and walls as springboards
a. Would never be tolerated
b. Would make me giggle
c. Would make me increase outdoor exercise in the hopes of sparing my couch
4. Air snapping is?
a. Very dangerous and a sign of bad temperament
b. An expression of joy
c. I don't know
d. A dog trying to protect me from ghosts
e. A motor pattern that expresses itself in various ways depending on the situation
5. You are
a. A bit of a couch potato
b. A bit of a couch potato but want to be motivated to get moving
c. What's a couch?

Having to explain bruises to your doctor who explains that he thinks you may be anemic or better yet thinks you are battered
a. embarrasses you
b. makes you feel like part of the Mal owner club
c. makes you secretly grin -- why explain? Let him wonder.
d. You don't have to explain, you already checked the "other" box when filling out your paper work and added Malinois owner to your list of ailments
When folks tell you that you cannot handle a Malinois does it
a. Make you want one more
b. Scare you but make you want one more
c. Make you look at other more mellow breeds
8. Do you
a. dream about Mals
b. Look at websites and pictures with an ache in your chest
c. Long to be an extreme dog owner
d. Don't care what it takes to be a good owner are committed
e. All of the above

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email me if you have more questions to add to the survey!!

Help support this site. Both of these designs are available on a number of items. 
Please click for more information

Belgian Malinois Head Shot 

Belgian Malinois - Not a GSD 

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