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The Happy Ending ......

I knew all along that the odds for reuniting with Jocko were diminishing, and given that he ran off in the middle of winter, the odds were even lower from the start, that this story would have a happy ending. Something in me KNEW he was ok, and a part of me always believed he would come home to us.

Winter turned from mild to bad, then back again, over and over. Then Spring came and went, with incredible temperature changes and rain. Then summer .... after months of classifed and local retail-type ads, and always searching, I made a deal with myself. I would never ever give up hope or the faith that he was ok, but I had to do one last push.

And push I did. Hundreds of fliers, emails, faxes and calls; tshirts worn everywhere, and a visit to the Animal Planet Expo in Allentown -- it was the last active push before I knew I would have to let go and accept he would come home on his own terms, if it was so deemed.

Less than 48 hours after the show the call came, and less than 2 hours later he was in my arms, kissing being kissed!!

I will never be able to thank all those involved enough, and as I'm learning more of the story, will never ever know how many folks were involved in this truly Herculean effort that began when the planets aligned to allow this to happen. I do know that his story has been followed since that fateful evening of February 9, 2005 when he had run off by people all over the world. All I can say is, from the deepest part of my heart and soul, thank you all for your efforts, your thoughts, your prayers and your support.


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It is with great relief, gratitude and joy that I re-introduce you all to Jocko, after his successful and safe return home on August 1, 2005; 173 days after he went missing.

Am I really home???? Hey Tanya, my darling, I've missed you (Jocko's giving the butt shot)
Tanya's in the foreground giving Jocko his welcome home kiss. Wow, I can't believe I'm really home.
Yes, this is familiar, this is right, this is home. It was a wild ride, with some amazing people ....
And now I am completely exhausted .... And happy to be back with my family.

and as a special thanks ... here is a photo sent by Melanie and James, the ones who brought him home, after taking great care of him. These were taken on 7/29/05, with Willow.

No one knew at that point how close he was to being reunited with us. Less than 3 days later he'd be home with us!! Hugs and kisses to Willow .... and Melanie, and James, and Greg and the whole family!!

Jocko's story was told on RCN News here in the Lehigh Valley as part of the August Summary report. He was also featured in a National News Story by Best Friends Animal Shelter. Click here or the News Section for more information. 

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Belgian Malinois Head Shot 

Belgian Malinois - Not a GSD 

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